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E-Ink iPhone Case

E-Ink iPhone Case

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✔ Upload Any Picture Instantly! 

✔ No Battery Needed!

 ✔ MagSafe & Wireless Compatibility!

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“Absolutely love this case! It's like having a new phone every day.”

- Sarah, New York

Any Photo Any Time!

Upload any photos from your camera roll, screenshots or even photos from online. Upload absolutely anything you want!


The E-Ink Case doesn't require any power and does not use any of your phone's battery life. Simply upload your image and watch the magic E-Ink technology start!

Get Your Perfect Case In Seconds!

Capture and display your cherished memories with The Digital Ink Case! Customize your phone case with your most special moments. Stand out and carry your memories with you wherever you go!

30 Day Guarantee

We stand by our products with a 30-day risk-free guarantee. If you're not completely thrilled with your order, simply return it for a full refund (no questions asked)


Does the case kill my battery?

No, our E-ink case display maintains its pattern without requiring power, ensuring visibility even when the phone is out of battery

Does it need to be charged?

No,it does not

Can I still use MagSafe Wireless charging?

Yes, our phone case supports wireless charging

What's your return policy?

If you're not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days, just send it back to us and we'll give you a full refund.